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Forensic significance in the cases of drowning deaths: An elaborative study

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Review Article

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Rinkal Chaudhary, Vinod Dhingra

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Drowning is a form of asphyxia which is caused by submersion/immersion of the body in water or any other fluid that occurs due to the aspiration of fluid into air passages and is mostly accidental. The main question arises in the case of a body recovered from water is whether the individual was alive at the time he entered water. If a body is found in water is does not necessarily mean, that this person has drowned. The bodily external and internal findings are necessary in medicolegal investigation of drowning deaths. Drowning is difficult to determine and are often diagnosed by eliminating other potential causes of death whereas diatom test is significant for the concluding analysis of drowning deaths. Diatoms found inside the body may serve as corroborative evidence in the diagnosis of the cause of drowning death. It can be ascertained whether the drowning is ante-mortem or post-mortem. The diatom test considered as the only tool to examine drowning cases. The present study highlights some specific points to drag conclusive results in the investigation of deaths due to drowning.

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Drowning, Death, Diatoms, Bone Marrow, Medico legal aspect

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