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A case of disseminated candidiasis in an immunocompromised patient masquerading as adrenocortical carcinoma

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Case Report

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Ambili R Nath*, Lillykutty Pothen, Jessy M M

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Disseminated fungal infection is the presence of a fungal pathogen in the blood (fungemia) and/or any other deep-seated site because of hematogenous seeding. Conditions which predispose individuals for disseminated fungal infections include renal failure, following surgical procedures, HIV, neutropenia, hematological malignancies, and long term use of antibiotics, late sepsis and total parenteral nutrition. Candida is the commonest pathogen encountered in disseminated fungal infections. Secondary seeding of the organism can occur as a result of hematogenous spread. Mortality from disseminated fungal disease is high and therefore high index of suspicion, prompt diagnosis and prompt initiation of antifungal therapy is essential this can be prevented by prophylactic medications in patients at high risk and also by definitive treatment when diagnosis is confirmed.  

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Disseminated, Candidiasis, Immunocompromised.

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