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Anamoly scan: A mandatory screening tool

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Case Series

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Manvi Maini*, Monika Maan, Sukesh Kathpalia

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Introduction: Congenital anomalies can be due to various reasons. Some of these can significantly affect the viability of the fetus, some may impair quality of life subsequent to delivery and some may not have any significant effect. It is necessary to determine presence of congenital anomalies in-utero for better maternal and neonatal outcomes. Objectives: To determine presence of congenital anomalies in mothers visiting antenatal clinics by conducting a second trimester anomaly scan. Materials and Methods: The study evaluated 2000 mothers visiting antenatal care in D. Y Patil Medical College and Hospital in Pune. A second trimester anomaly scan was conducted between 18-20 weeks of gestation in all the patients. Results: The rate of fetal anomalies noted were 0.8% (16/2000 cases). 13 congenital anomalies were incompatible for viability of the fetus and hence were terminated. 3 congenital anomalies were minor in nature and hence continuation of pregnancy was advised. 2 mothers who were unbooked during antenatal period, delivered anomalous babies and were as well included in the evaluation. Conclusion: A second trimester anomaly scan should be made mandatory to identify any malformation in the growing fetus as we still have an option to terminate the pregnancy and save the family from the future setback. Also, with the advent of fetal medicine we can identify and treat the fetus in utero which might reduce the future complications.  

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Congenital anomaly, Second trimester, Anomaly scan, Malformation.

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