To observe the rise in haemoglobin concentration levels by parenteral iron infusion of iron isomaltoside 1000 (Fur-IV) in gynaecological patients suffering from iron deficiency anaemia

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Manish R Pandya*, Khushbu K Patel

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Introduction: Iron Isomaltoside 1000 (Fur-IV) is a combination of iron and isomaltoside 1000(carbohydrate) which are strongly bound allowing slow and controlled release thereby reducing risk of free iron toxicity and offers high dose flexibility and administration and convenience. It is shown to be effective in treating iron deficiency anaemia across multiple therapeutic groups and compared to IV iron sucrose, Ferric carboxymaltose, and oral iron. It is effective and well tolerated in treatment of anaemia across different therapeutic areas with favourable safety profile. Aims & Objective: To observe the rise in level of haemoglobin concentration in gynaecological patients suffering from iron deficiency anaemia via single infusion of iron isomaltoside 1000 (Fur-IV). Study Design: A prospective, observational study. Materials and Methods: Total 50 women who were attending OPD or an indoor patient of obstetrics and gynaecology department who were diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia and confirming to inclusion criteria were enrolled and observed in this study. Written and informed consent were taken from all patients and data were recorded in the case record form. Detailed medical history and iron demand of the patient were taken and calculated before administration of IV Iron Isomaltoside 1000 by our department of OBGY. Data of the patients who were enrolled in the study were recorded including their haemogram report before administration and repeat haemogram at 1 and 2 week after administration. We did the study from May, 2021 to June, 2022 in OBGY department of Scientific Research Institute, Surendranagar, Gujarat, India. Results: There were no serious adverse events (AE) reported. Only 6 patients reported adverse events [mild nausea, vomiting n=2; fetal bradycardia, n=2; pruritus, n=1; giddiness, n=1. Mean change in Hb is evaluated in 50 patients, increased significantly from 8.63 ± 1.18 gm/dl at baseline to 10.74 ± 1.08 gm/dl (difference of 2.11 ± 0.77 gm/dl; p < 0> Conclusion: Iron isomaltoside 1000 (Fur-IV) has demonstrated robust efficacy in patients suffering from Iron deficiency anaemia due to pregnancy. The wide dosing range of Iron isomaltoside allows iron correction in a single visit with minimal risk of anaphylaxis and is thus cost?effective for health?care system.  

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Parenteral iron infusion, Iron isomaltoside 1000 (Fur-IV), Iron deficiency anaemia.
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