A self-study on identification of etiology of Anemia in pregnancy

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Archana Dhawan Bajaj*

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Introduction: Anemia in medical literature could be defined as when levels of hemoglobin are below two standard derivation of the mean for age and gender of patients. During pregnancy many women lacks the sufficient amount of iron which is needed for 2 & 3 trimesters due to significant changes in increase in volume of blood to support the growth of baby, person could suffer from anemia. Based on several researches conducted it have been stated that anemia is one of the most common complications which could occur in pregnancy. Materials and Methods: A systemic self-study was planned to determine and review the possible cause of Anemia during pregnancy. With the application of electronic databases we searched PubMed, Google Scholar, Web of Science, Clinical Trial Gov, Medline Plus, health line, John Hopkins Medicine which were published in English language. This systemic self-study have reviewed the facts which were published earlier to determine the cause of anemia during pregnancy. Vast analysis was made to determine the cause of anemia during pregnancy. Observation and Discussion: We observed and concluded the fact that anemia during pregnancy occurs due to iron and folate deficiency. In more than 50 percent of studies conducted in pregnant women, we observed that one who have less adequate diet and did not received any prenatal iron and folate supplement have the chances to suffer from iron deficiency and folate deficiency anemia. Conclusion: We conclude by delivery of very important message that adequate iron and folate intake is very crucial for both mother and child during pregnancy. Healthcare professionals must provide proper nutritional advice and essential supplementation which is required at their first consultation with mother’s which lowers and minimalizes the risk of anemia related complications in future.  

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Iron deficiency anemia, Folate deficiency, Anencephaly, Spina bifida.
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