High risk pregnancies and implications of color Doppler

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Veena Vangani*, Mahendra Vangani, Bhavya Vangani

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Objective: The aim of this study is High risk pregnancies & implications of color Doppler. Total 100 were selected with purposive sampling technique, (50 cases) study group of high risk pregnancy taken into the study & compared with an equal number of women with normal pregnancy without complication. Result: In our study we found, maximum cases in age group of 24-34 i.e. 49% in group A whereas in group B 43% in more than 34 age group. 41% normal in group A whereas 27% in group B. C-section 79% in group a & 21% in group B. Emergency caesarean section was uncommon in subjects with normal Doppler USG than those of with abnormal Doppler USG and also from group B. Conclusion: In high risk women like pre eclampsia, diabetes & IUGR. Color Doppler flow velocimetry done repeatedly can predict address foetal events with a great degree of accuracy. Results obtained in study where clinically & statistically significant. Every tertiary hospital should routinely make use of facility for the assessment of fetal wellbeing in high risk cases & ensure a better perinatal outcome. Color Doppler can be used as most effective for fetal surveillance in high risk pregnancy cases. Most importantly it helps in guiding early intervention and outcome.  

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High risk pregnancy, Color Doppler, Fetal outcome, pre-eclampsia, Intra uterine growth retardation, Perinatal outcome
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