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Teenage pregnancies - A peril in covid pandemic

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Rani Kumari Limmala*, Janaki Vellanki

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Introduction: Teenage pregnancy is a global problem and is a high-risk group. Adolescent pregnancy occurs when a teenager or underage girl, usually between the ages of 13 and 19, becomes pregnant. Adolescent pregnancies are more likely to occur in the marginalized communities commonly driven by poverty, lack of education and employment opportunities. Adolescent mothers aged 10-19years face higher risk of anemia, eclampsia, puerperal endometritis and systemic infections than women aged 20-24 years, as they have not completed their own development to give birth to another life. Materials and Methods: A retrospective study was undertaken in department of obstetrics and gynecology of Gandhi Medical College during period of April 2019 to April 2022. Results: Out of the 38 cases, 18 cases were admitted during the year 2021 which was post COVID period these cases were the after effect of the consequences patients faced during the COVID season. The minimum age recorded during study period was 12 years, and maximum number of patients belonged to age group of 17 years (21%) and 19 years (21%). 17 Cases (45%) reported to the hospital during the second trimester. 22 cases were aborted.8 cases delivered at term. Complications like anemia were seen in few patients. Conclusion: Sex education for adolescent, support by talking about sex, with education about HIV, STI, contraception is cornerstone to prevent teenage pregnancies. Brining families and communities together to address topic on sexuality without any socio cultural resistance, talk about health risks of unprotected sex and teenage pregnancies is needed. An additional cause of unintended pregnancy is sexual violence, which is widespread with more than third of girls in some countries reporting that their first sexual intercourse was coerced which is still only the tip of the iceberg which is a serious issue to be addressed.

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Teenage pregnancy, Maternal mortality, Sex education, Adolescent, Maternal morbidity, Sexual violence.

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