Role of simple ultrasonography rules in preoperative prediction of malignancy of adnexal masses

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Shaleen Kedarchand Jindal*, Sayali Kulkarni

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Introduction: Ovarian cancers account to malignancy in pre-menopausal women and post-menopausal women to about 24% and 60% respectively. This makes screening of ovarian cancers and adnexal masses an important part in diagnosis and management of these patients, as they also majorly form a reason for infertility in reproductive age group other than morbidity and mortality in all women. The limited availability of literature on the screening modalities and their definite role in diagnosing malignancy makes it difficult for gynecologists to diagnose the malignancy preoperatively. Ultrasonographic evaluation is considered as one of reliable and accurate diagnostic tool for the diagnosis of the ovarian cancers, so this study on utility of USG rules can help in preoperative screening of malignancy, and prediction of Malignancy helps in planning the management which avoid repeat surgery and morbidity. Aims and Objectives: This study attempts to identify a method for early and accurate diagnosis to provide appropriate treatment for the said diagnosis. Materials and Methods: An observational comparative study was done and all gynecological patients attending IPD at SAMC and PGI with adnexal masses were evaluated for adnexal masses based on history, clinical examination, USG findings and routine preoperative investigations. Her pre operative diagnosis was co-related with histopathological report. After proper data collection, data was organized and analyzed with the application of Pearson chi-square test and associations were studied among the ultrasound findings and the final histopathological finding using p-value. Conclusion: Among the above said variables assessed by Pearson chi square test they were found to be significantly associated with each other having high p values. So we can predict the risk of malignancy early by using Simple Ultrasonographic Rules as a diagnostic tool and accordingly earlier diagnosis can be made possible by this, thereby preventing both morbidities and mortalities in patient presenting with adnexal masses.  

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Malignancy, Adnexal masses.
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