Is AKI a menace in COVID pregnancy?

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Suchetha Dugyala*, Janaki Vellanki, Aliya Roohi

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COVID-19 is primarily thought to be a respiratory sickness, however because SARS-CoV-2 targets human cells, it can also damage the kidney. The most concerning complication in COVID-19 patients is acute kidney damage (AKI). Hypovolemia, cytokine storm, and collapsing glomerulopathy are all factors to consider. Our interest in the topic stems from an increasing number of articles that demonstrate a strong link between AKI development and greater mortality in COVID-19 patients. Although our understanding of the role of the kidneys especially in pregnancy with SARS-CoV-2 infection is constantly evolving and remains unexplored. We have studied 66 pregnant women with COVID 19 infection and AKI and we present an overview of the possible patho mechanisms of AKI in COVID-19, its clinical features, risk factors, impact on hospitalization, and management with renal replacement therapy in relation to pregnancy.  

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AKI, COVID- 19, Pregnancy.
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