Endometrial polyps and their insinuation in the pregnancy rates of patients undergoing ICSI-FET cycles: A retrospective cohort study

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Pradeepa Sudhakar*, Sherin Samsudeen, Dhanabagyam Kandaswami, Saranya Manivannan, Kavitha Jayapal, Lakshmi Gopal, Nagendran Selvarajan

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Objective: To study the effect of endometrial polyps in infertility patients and their insinuation in pregnancy rates in patients undergoing ICSI-FET cycles following polypectomy. Materials and Methods: This is a retrospective study in 345 infertility patients attending Reproductive center of Sudha Hospital, Erode. Infertile women with endometrial polyps diagnosed by transvaginal ultrasound were subjected to hysteroscopic polypectomy. Vitrified embryo transfer was done one to three months following polypectomy and the clinical pregnancy rates were analysed. The age, body mass index, the type of infertility (primary or secondary), duration of infertility, pattern of menstruation, were precisely evaluated. An endometrial polyp based on their location inside the uterine cavity is assessed by hysteroscopy and the significance of the polyp location with pregnancy rates is evaluated. Results: Of the 345 women who underwent hysteroscopic polypectomy 229 became pregnant and 116 women were non pregnant in ICSI-FET cycles. There is a strong positive association between endometrial polypectomy and pregnancy rate in ICSI-FET cycles. The incidence of Endometrial Polyps in pregnant and non-pregnant group was not related to the age, gravida and parity. Pregnancy rate after polypectomy based on polyp location is statistically insignificant. Multiple polyps are common compared to solitary polyp. Polyps are more common in posterior uterine wall than anterior, lateral walls and uterotubal junction. Conclusion: Hysteroscopic polypectomy gives promising results in infertility patients undergoing ICSI cycles prior to vitrified embryo transfer and location of polyps does not determine the pregnancy outcomes.

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Endometrial Polyps, ICSI­FET cycles, Polypectomy, Infertility 2.
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