Evaluation of knowledge, attitude, and behaviour of women towards abnormal menstrual bleeding and its impact on quality of life of women in tribal region of central India

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Vedashree Joshi*, Garima Arora Bagga, Kaushik Ragubathy

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Background: Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding (AMB) is a common gynaecological complaint. AMB has been studied pathologically and anatomically but in recent years, its effects on various aspects of women’s life has been emphasized. AMB has an effect on women’s quality of life (QoL) and it varies woman to woman. Hence it is necessary to know different views of women regarding AMB to provide them with proper care and guidance. Objective: To assess Knowledge and behaviour of women towards AMB and its impact on various aspects of their lives. Materials and Methods: This study is cross-sectional descriptive study among women of reproductive age group attending OPD of OBGY department of medical college of tribal region of central India. Participants were given written questionnaires and their responses were recorded. Result: Research highlights significant problems that are faced by the women with AMB, most common of them is pain which incapacitates the ability of these women to perform their daily work. Study also highlights the knowledge of women regarding AMB and its consequences. Study shows that women in this area are less understanding about the seriousness of treatment. Conclusion: Study provides recent and reliable information about knowledge, attitude and practices among women having AMB. Less understanding of the seriousness of treatment reflects that there is a need to provide health and reproductive education among peripherals for improvement of QoL here.  

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Post catheterization, Lower?segment Caesarean section, Urgency, Frequency, Dysuria.
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