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Comparing and analysing working memory and its adjustments with classical instrumental background music in adolescents of diverse ethical origin u2013 An RCT

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Shantala Shripad Herlekar*

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Introduction and Objectives: Students use variety of music while studying. The aim was to analyse effect of instrumental, background music on working memory in medical students of Indian and Malaysian origin.nMaterials and Methods: Age and gender matched 120 1st-year MBBS students (60 Indian and 60 Malaysian), were randomised into music and control groups equally. Music used was non vocal flute, raga malkauns. After 5 min of music/rest, working memory was assessed using Rey-Ostherrieth-complex-figure-test (ROCF). After another concentration task(SDMT) and a gap of 25min, recall of figure was assessed. Copy and recall figures were scored for 36 points.(significant p valuenResults: There was no statistical difference between copy and recall score of ROCF when compared between music and control group of both ethnicities (p=0.223). Malaysian students performed significantly better in copy and recall score compared to Indian students.nConclusion: Instrumental music does not seem to influence working memory, but it does not hamper it too. As a diverse population, Malaysian students are bestowed with efficient working memory than Indian students. Music has no differential influence on the working memory of the two ethnic groups. Students can be advised to use instrumental music, preferably of raga Malkauns, in background while studying which will not hamper their retention.u00a0u00a0u00a0nu00a0

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Rey ostherrieth complex figure test, Instrumental music, Raga malkauns, Ethnic origin, Irrelevant sound effect.

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