A cross-sectional study to analysis perception of threat COVID 19 among doctors, nursing staff and medical technicians working at tertiary care canter during COVID-19 pandemic

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Manish Chaturvedi*, Vijay Chouhan*, Parmar Narayan, Rahul Sharma

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Background: Front line healthcare workers are the primary section in contact with patients and are an important source of exposure to the infected cases in the healthcare settings, thus expected to be at a high risk of infections. Lack of knowledge for a new disease’ infection, or pandemic among health care personnel may result in form of delayed treatment and rapid spirit of infection. Objective : The study amid to find out the perfection of health care providers about COVID-19 the objectives of our study are to identify the perceived levels of stress and anxiety in the confined population to determine the experiences and psychosocial problems health care providers and to provide health education messages while taking part in the study. Materials and Methods: This is a cross-sectional study conducted on 100 frontline health care workers that include Doctors, nurses, and clinical technicians in all departments who work in Covid dedicated hospital and covid dedicated health care center at government medical college Ratlam. The survey instrument constituted a Semi-structured pre-tested 27-close ended questionnaire. The 27-item questionnaire was divided into two sections (1) baseline sociodemographic information (20 items) (2) perceptions of the threat of COVID-19 (7 items 5 statements/5-point Likert scales. Results: In this study total of 118 health care providers/workers (HCWs) participated, 100 of whom completed the study questionnaire including 16 females and 84 men. The age of participants ranges from 20-to 50 years. After analysis of a total of seven-factor for perception to covid, we found that health care workers experienced different levels of psychological stress and anxiety. Summary: Government higher authority and policymakers should keep point in their mind that pandemics/outbreaks lead to stress, anxiety and depression among health care workers hence policymakers will need to develop a well-integrated administrative and psychological response to the occupational along with psychological challenges that are caused by future pandemic/outbreaks of this nature, to maintain better patient wellbeing.  

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Corona virus, Health care workers, Tertiary care hospital, Perception to COVID- 19, Knowledge questionnaire.
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