An anomaly

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Case Report

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Minakshi Kasegaonkar, Vijay Patil, Anjali Gosavi

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Full term newborn female child along with a lump attached to the umbilical region by broad base pedicle, was delivered by Caesarian section. Prior to the Caesarian section in Anti-Natal Care, it was found like exomphalus on USG findings. But, the pre-operative radiological examination had revealed it as an irregular mass with some bony structure, limb buds, soft tissues with some fluid, all enclosed in a capsule which was attached to the umbilical region via a broad base pedicle. Mass was surgically removed. In that mass, some bony structure was found and upon its histo-pathological examination, various well developed organs, namely, the skin, large intestine, supra- renal gland, adipose tissue, blood vessels, etc were found. This well differentiated organogenesis confirmed this as the rare condition- Fetus in fetu.  

Keyword :

Newborn, exomphalous, Tumor, Teratoma and Fetus in Fetu
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