A study showing a correlation between the effect of treadmill and ergometer on VOmax in athlete

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Vivek V Nalgirkar, Mrunalini R Kanvinde*

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The goal of this study was to correlate the effect of the treadmill and ergometer on V?O through Bruce protocol and Mosso’s ergographDepending on the need for oxygen to tissues V?O increases as a subject does treadmill from moderate to maximal. As exercise intensity increases so does oxygen consumption reaches the point where exercise intensity can continue to increase without the associated rise in oxygen consumption. As endurance training results in central and peripheral adaptations that markedly improve an individual's ability to perform physical work, athletes are thus commonly assumed to be able to tolerate many kinds of physiological stressors better than non-athletes. After getting approval from a medical ethics committee, data collection was done at the Stress test lab. at Nerul, Navi Mumbai by keeping some inclusive and exclusive criteria. After taking permission from the medical ethics committee. 40 athletes were asked to do treadmill as well as hand ergometer with a proper duration of exercise for 2 weeks and their V?O were assessed by using specific formulae for treadmill and hand ergometer. For the treadmill, a protocol used was Bruce protocol while for the hand ergometer, the ergograph was used as Mosso's ergograph. For comparison and proper results, 40 non-athlete were asked to do treadmill and hand ergometer. Statistical analysis was done by unpaired T-test. In athletes,a good correlation was between the effect of treadmill and ergometer on V?O(P>0.001) an athlete as compared to non-athletes (P>0.001) after estimating V?O. V?Owas found to be much more increased in athletes as well as non-athletes performing treadmill than athletes as well as non-athletes performing hand ergometry (P>0.001). Conclusion: It was concluded V?O is found to be much more increased during treadmill than ergometer in athletes as compared to non-athletes.

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V?O2max, Treadmill, Hand ergometer, Bruce protocol, Stress test lab, Athletes, Non-athletes.
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