A morphometric study on variations of nutrient foramen of humerus with its clinical implication

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Arfan N K, Suresh N M, Suma M P*

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Background: Nutrient foramen is an opening in the shaft of the humerus, which is the point of entry of nutrient artery that supplies the medullary cavity. It plays an important role in healing of fracture. Objective: To determine number, location with respect to the surfaces and the zones, direction of entry, the size and distance of nutrient foramen from distal ends and from the midpoint of humerus, the length of humerus. Materials and Methods: 86 dried bones were taken, measurements of the bone were taken by using digital sliding caliper except the total length of humerus which was measured by using an osteometric board. In this analytical study the data was noted and the statistical analysis was done by using the mean range and standard deviation. Observation: The humeri had one foramen in most specimen which were mainly noted on the anteromedial surface and medial border. The mean diameter was 0.814±0.213. The foraminal index had a mean value of 56.835±7.802%. The Landmark index had a mean value of 56.299±7.750%. Conclusion: Our study provides details about the nutrient foramina that will benefit clinicians in surgical procedures, Orthopedic procedures like bone grafting and in plastic and reconstructive surgery.  

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Foraminal index, Fracture, Humerus, Length, Location, Nutrient foramen, Nutrient artery, Osteometric board
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