Morphological variation in the insertion of the brachialis and its relations to the neurovascular structures of the arm

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Suganitha Balasundaram*

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Variations in origin and insertion of muscles are common in the upper limb. They may or may not be associated with neuromuscular abnormalities. The Brachialismuscle is inserted into the anterior aspect of the coronoid process and the tuberosity of ulna. The median & the Brachial artery passes vertically downward between biceps brachii(above) & brachialis (bellow) in the lower part of the arm and enter the cubital fossa. This study was conducted in 40 embalmed adult upper limbs of both sexes of age group between 50-80 years from the Department of Anatomy, Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai. In this study, an Intramuscular tunnel is formed by brachialis muscle was observed in 2.5% of the specimen in which entrapment of brachial artery & median nerve was present. The Abnormality reported in the present study may lead to neurovascular compression syndrome in the upper limb. knowledge of anatomical variations in the muscular structure and its neurovascular entrapment is important surgically for orthopaedic surgeons, cardiovascular surgeons, plastic surgeons and also physiotherapist clinically.  

Keyword :

Anatomical variations, Brachialis tunnel, Entrapment syndrome, Median nerve.
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