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Overview of operative modalities and their functional outcomes for adult degenerative scoliosis: How to chose wisely!

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Ketan S Khurjekar, Himanshu G Kulkarni*, Siddarth Kothari, Shailesh R Hadgaonkar, Ajay R Kothari, Parag K Sancheti

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Background: Adult degenerative scoliosis presents with various symptoms, including back pain, leg pain, claudication, and radiological findings like coronal / sagittal imbalance. So In our study, we have put forth an algorithm to categorise the patients for suitable operative management. Materials and Methods: This was prospective study of 30 patients. Patients with age 50 and above and ones who had no relief/worsening of symptoms after 6 months of conservative management were included. Patients were categorised into 3 groups. Patients were either treated with Focal Decompression / Decompression and long instrumented fusion with correction of deformity /Decompression only. MODI and SF36 scores were compared at the end of 2 years. Results: 11 patients were categorised into group A, 15 into group B and, 4 patients who had significant co-morbidities and had very high risk for surgery were categorised into group 3. There was significant (p

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ADS, DeNovo Scoliosis, Degenerative scoliosis.

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