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Buying Behaviour Patterns of Consumers in Linkages with Celebrity Brand Endorsement

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Review article

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Dr Aastha Saxena

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Celebrity endorsement is one of the most widely used tool for advertising in the marketing world today. Celebrities are meant to deliver self-image to brand image in order to make product popular, symbolic and attractive in the minds of consumers. Celebrities help in making the product recognisable and recalled. People know celebrities, they talk about them and therefore it is believed that the brand a celebrity is endorsed with will also be as popular as them. People like to follow their favourite celebrities. They want to look like them, talk like them, dress like them, speak like them and etc. When a celebrity will say that he or she uses a particular brand or encourages consumers to use a particular brand, consumers are very likely to buy it. Celebrity endorsement is a multi-million business now. It is so popular that celebrities earn more through advertisements than they do from their actual profession. In this research a detailed analysis will be done to find out the impact of celebrity endorsement on consumer buying behaviour. This study will trace out the impact along with factors that drive consumer to buy a product that is endorsed by a celebrity. Also, the study will trace what factors do not influence the consumer’s decision about buying a product that is endorsed by a celebrity.

Keyword :

Celebrity Endorsement, Consumer Buying Behaviour, Attractiveness, Brand Image


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