Rare presentation of gingival squamous cell carcinoma of maxillary posterior region mimicking pyogenic granuloma in a non-smoker

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Case Report

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R. Kadhiresan, R. Reshmaa, U. Arunmozhi, R. Shanmugapriya

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Gingival Squamous cell carcinoma (GSCC) in maxilla is a rare malignant neoplasm especially when compared with mandible. The most common sites of oral carcinoma are being the lateral border of the tongue and the floor of the mouth which is followed by palate, buccal mucosa and rarely in gingiva. The clinical picture of oral carcinoma can be misguided for gingival overgrowth, desquamative lesions, traumatic ulcers or even pyogenic granuloma. Maxillary oral gingival carcinoma is a rare entity especially in a non-smoker. In this case report, a 70-year-old male patient presented with a gingival lesion in maxilla 24,25 region mimicking pyogenic granuloma without having a tobacco history. A thorough clinical, radiographical and histopathological examination was done and led to the diagnosis of GSCC and the treatment was initiated. Key Messages: Creating awareness among practitioners about gingival squamous cell carcinoma mimicking pyogenic granuloma in dental practice.  

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Squamous cell carcinoma, Maxilla, Non­smoker, Pyogenic granuloma
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