Periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics- A Literature review

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Review Article

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Gangolu Meghana, Mohan Kumar P, Gautami S Penmetsa, N V S Sruthima G, K S V Ramesh, B. Anusha

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Periodontics and Orthodontics often relates to a symbiotic relationship. Corticotomy was introduced as a surgical procedure to shorten orthodontic treatment time. This procedure involves the removal of cortical bone that strongly resists orthodontic force in the jaw. Though there are numerous studies done in the literature on PAOO, this review mainly focuses on the various comparative studies employed under this procedure. On the other hand, various modifications of this method such as minimally invasive techniques have been introduced to reduce the patient’s discomfort due to surgical intervention and complications after surgery. The present review focuses on the history of corticotomy, its mechanism of action, and various comparative studies done under PAOO.  

Keyword :

Corticotomy, Orthodontic tooth movement, Regional acceleratory phenomenon
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