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Piezoelectric driven mandibular ridge split technique with immediate implant placement: A case report

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Case Report

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Indumathi M, Arun Mozhi U, Sabitha Sudarsan, Shanmuga Priya R

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Narrow dentoalveolar ridges pose a major challenge for the successful placement of endosseous implants. This case report focuses on a Piezoelectric driven mandibular Ridge Split technique without vertical osteotomy for an immediate implant placement in a narrow alveolar ridge measuring 3.0mm. Materials and Methods: Following anaesthesia, a mucoperiosteal flap was elevated after giving a mid-crestal incision distal to 35 along the entire edentulous ridge. Then, with the help of a micro-saw and horizontal spreaders, an osteotomy site of required diameter was achieved. Finally twist drills were used and implants were placed in the expanded site. Result: Clinically, healing was uneventful with no step defect in the expanded buccal bone and the final occlusion obtained was satisfactory. Conclusion: The Piezo-electric driven Ridge Split technique promises to be a minimally invasive option for horizontal augmentation of narrow alveolar ridges- predictability within a short interval of time and with minimal risk of fracture.  

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Alveolar ridge augmentation, Dental implants, Mandible, Piezo­electric surgery, Ridge split

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