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Formulation and evaluation of polyherbal human health amiable hand sanitizer: A need to fight COVID 19

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Sajid A Mulani, Yogesh S Kolekar, Firoj A Tamboli*, Harinath N More, Pradnya K Mane, Ashish A Misal

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Hand hygiene is now creating more awareness in the people due to pandemic COVID -19. It plays important role in the prevention, control and reduction of any acquired infection. This can stop the chain of transmission of microorganism and other bacteria from hand to different parts of our body. Herbal medicines have been extensively utilized as effectual remedies for the prevention and management of multiple health conditions. The present research was carried out to formulate and evaluate the poly herbal hand sanitizer using extract and Clove oil. The formulation was evaluated for its physical parameters. It is sure that the combination of ingredients behaves as an effective hand sanitizer.  

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Vitex negundo, Clove oil, Hand hygiene, pH, Hand sanitizer.

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