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Orbital pseudotumor masquerading orbital cellulitis

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Case Report

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Suriya Djeamourthy, Hannah Ranjee Prasanth, S.Veni Priya, Justin Prashanth JP, Renuka Srinivasan

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Here with presenting a case of pseudotumor orbit initially diagnosed as orbital cellulitis which responded to steroids. A 44 year old male presented with complaints of swelling, redness, watering and inability to open the right eye for 1 day. He had no h/o trauma or insect bite. On examination, visual acuity in both eyes was 6/6. The right eye was proptosed with gross restriction of the extra ocular movements, conjunctival congestion and chemosis. The intra ocular pressure was 52 mm Hg. The left eye was normal. CT orbit showed enlargement of right lateral rectus muscle and lacrimal gland, with fat stranding and soft tissue thickening of periorbital, pre septal and perinasal regions diagnostic of pseudotumor tumour. He was started on high dose oral steroids with which he improved dramatically.  

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Steroids, Orbital cellulitis

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