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To evaluate ocular manifestations in primary hypertension

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Rani Sujatha MA, Durgesh Kumar Sinha

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Purpose: To evaluate ocular manifestations in primary severe hypertension. Materials and Methods: A retrospective chart review of 100 eyes of 50 patients in age group 45-60 years diagnosed with primary severe hypertension (systolic blood pressure [SBP] ? 180 mm Hg and diastolic blood pressure [DBP] ? 110 mm of Hg) in a tertiary hospital in 6 months from December 2018 to May 2019. Vision with evaluated with Snellen’s chart, fundus was examined with IDO, DO, 90D, 20 D lens and OCT was done. Results: Mean age were found to be 51 years ±9.8 under treatment for essential hypertension. Fundus findings included Arteriolar Narrowing (both Focal and Generalized arteriolar Narrowing), Hard Exudates, Cotton Wool Patches, Flame Shaped Haemorrhages, Optic disc edema, Disc haemorrhages. OCT findings included Macular Oedema, Irregular reflection, Sub Retinal Fluid, Inner Retinal Fluid, Hyper Reflective Dots. Conclusion: This study can be used as an early diagnostic tool in hypertension. Severe hypertension may lead to may exudative changes. With Arteriolar Narrowing and Hyperreflective Dots within retina as the most common findings. Awareness should be spread regarding ophthalmological examination among patients so that timely measures can be initiated to stop the progression of disease.  

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Ocular Manifestation, Hypertension

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