Topography of the location of mental foramen in dried edentulous human mandible and its clinical implication

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Boski Gupta, Bhadreshkumar P Vaghela*, Sudarshan Gupta

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Introduction: The mental foramen is an oval or round opening on external surface of mandible and transmits mental nerve and vessels. Mostly located at apex of second mandibular premolar or between the apices of premolars. Materials and Methods: The study was commenced on 60 dried edentulous mandibles with the aim to determine location of mental foramen(MF) with reference to surrounding anatomical landmarks. By measuring its distance from midline (symphysis menti), posterior border of ramus of mandible, lower border of mandible. Length of lower border (Base) of mandible was also measured. Results: In present study most common shape of mental foramen was round (70%). The mean distances of MF from midline are 24.36mm on right side and 24.15mm left side. From posterior border of ramus are 64.45mm on right side and 64.15mm on left side. From base of mandible are 12.29mm on right side and 12.48mm on left side. Length of base mandible (midline to angle of mandible) is 83.27mm right side and 83.12mm left side. Ratio of distance from symphysis menti to MF and length of base of mandible are same on both sides that are 0.29. There is statistically significant positive correlation between distance from symphysis menti to MF and length of base of mandible. Conclusions: The MF plays a very important role in treatment planning and its location needs to be considered prior to placement of dental-implants, regional anesthesia, osteotomy-surgeries and during complete denture-fabrication in order to avoid MN injury and related complications.  

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Dental implants, Mandible, Mental foramen, Mental nerves.
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