Evaluation of biparietal diameter and femur length by ultrasonography method, its correlation with fetal gestational age a comparative study in Chhattisgarh state of India

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M L Ganware, Sidiqui Abdul Rafique, Goyal Meena, Netam S B S, Rahule A S*, Khute Prakash

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Background: There few studies which tried to corelate biparietal diameter and gestational age in which an increase in biparietal diameter with the increase in gestational age was found but there was a discrepancy between 17 week of pregnancy and term and which is approximately 3 weeks. We conducted the present study to compare the gestational age and femur length and biparietal diameter in the population of Chhattisgarh state of India. Materials and Methods: A total of 380 pregnant females were enrolled for the study. They were between the 20 weeks to 38 weeks of gestation with their age ranging from 18-35 years. Results: In the present study we observed a total of 158 cases in 2 trimester i.e. ranging from 20 to 27 weeks and 220 cases were in 3 trimester of pregnancy. Mean of BPD and FL observed was 73.1 and 56.2 respectively. The standard deviation and standard error of mean for biparietal diameter and femur length were 12.8, 11.6 and 0.63, 0.57 respectively. Conclusion: All parameters of present study are found to be highly correlated with gestational age. (r=, 0.987, 0.980 for, FL and BPD respectively).  

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Gestational age, Biparietal diameter, Femur length.
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