Pregnancy following Brown-S

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Case Report

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Shree Bharathi*, Niveditha Jha, Sasirekha Rengaraj, Veena Ranjan

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Brown-Séquard syndrome is an incomplete spinal cord lesion characterized by hemisection injury of the cord. We present a case of pregnancy, delivery and postpartum course following this rare neurological condition. A 42-year-old woman presented with past history of idiopathic hemicord myelitis leading to right sided hemiplegia with decreased contralateral sensation of pain and temperature, consistent with Brown-Séquard syndrome, which was treated with steroids and Therapeutic Plasma Exchange. Thereafter, she had near-complete motor recovery and complete sensory recovery over the next 3months. Three years later, she presented to us at 37 2 weeks of gestation with residual hemiparesis with motor power grade of 4/5 in right upper and lower limbs. She underwent Caesarean section for breech presentation, which was done under general anaesthesia in view of prior spinal cord lesion. She was discharged for follow-up in Neurology outpatient clinic and physical rehabilitation. At follow up after 12 months of delivery, she had complete motor and sensory recovery. Management of spinal cord lesions in pregnancy and delivery requires specialist multidisciplinary care due to risk of medical and obstetric complications. This case demonstrates a rare scenario of a primigravida at term gestation with residual deficits of a past spinal cord lesion.  

Keyword :

Brown-Séquard syndrome, Case report, Hemicord myelitis, Hemiparesis, Pregnancy.
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