Rehabilitation of hypotonus pelvic floor muscles with a telerehab approach- Case report

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Case Report

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Sudini S Sinai Borkar*, Binal Dave

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Pelvic floor muscle is a group of muscles which acts as a Sling to Support, Assist and Aid the functions of Bladder, Bowel and Sexual activities. Hypotonus Pelvic floor muscle Dysfunction is a common condition suffered by Postmenopausal women where the strength of the Pelvic muscles reduces. Mostly reported is the incidence of Urinary incontinence and Pelvic organ prolapse. There are Various Proven Exercises, Equipments and Interventions which can be administered for the Hypotonus rehabilitation however due to the Covid- 19 Pandemic lockdown and with Social distancing there was a dearth felt by the Pelvic floor therapist for the rehabilitation of the Pelvic floor concern. This case report discusses the Telerehab approach and Progression Intervention for the Hypotonic Pelvic floor rehabilitation by Improving the Strength and the Quality of life of the women during such times when reaching the Pelvic floor therapist is difficult.  

Keyword :

Hypotonus dysfunction, Telerehabilitation, Urinary incontinence, Pelvic floor muscles.
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