A randomized prospective comparative study to evaluate the efficacy of prostaglandin E2 (Dinoprostone) controlled release vaginal insert versus sublingual prostaglandin E1(Misoprostol) in induction of labor in term gestation

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Rakhee Sahu*, Kirti Janjewal

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In modern obstetrics, one of the common challenges is induction of labour (IOL). WHO Global Survey reported that IOL accounted for 9.6% of all deliveries. Prostaglandins have evolved and frequently used pharmacologic agents for IOL, owing to their dual action of cervical ripening and uterine contraction inducing effect. Aim: 1. To compare the efficacy and induction to delivery interval (IDI) of PGE2 vaginal insert and Sublingual PGE1 in induction of labor in term pregnant women; 2. To study the maternal and fetal outcome in both groups. Materials and Methods: This a randomized, prospective, comparative study of 100 term pregnant women for induction of labour. Group 1-(50 women) PGE2-10mg vaginal insert and group 2-(50 women) PE1 Sublingual tablets – maximum 200 mcg in 24 hrs, at Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai, India. Results: In my study the mean induction to delivery interval in Dinoprostone group was 17.47 hours and 23.44 hours in Misoprostol group. So the mean IDI was shorter in Dinoprostone insert group than Misoprostol group by about 6 hours. There was no significant difference noted in terms of overall incidence of caesarean deliveries among the groups. Conclusion: Our study concluded that Dinoprostone 10mg vaginal insert was more efficacious than sublingual Misoprostol in reducing induction to delivery interval without maternal and fetal complications. Conclusion: Our study suggests that the Dinoprostone vaginal insert can be used as both inducing as well as augmentating agent in labour. Dinoprostone vaginal insert maybe more effective in reducing the incidence of caesarean sections.  

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Induction of labour (IOL), Dinoprostone.
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