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Knee replacement surgery is more precise with

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Hrushikesh Saraf, Shreepal Munot*

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Background: Robotic assisted total knee arthroplasty is one the recent advance to improve its outcome especially to address the issue of precision. Longetivity of TKA primarily depends on proper implant alignment. The Aim of this study is to compare the precision of robotic assisted TKA with the ideally planned mechanical parameters in TKA. Materials and Methods: A total of 50 robotic assisted TKA patients were included retrospectively in the study. Patient’s post operative mechanical femorotibial angle (mFTA), Lateral distal femoral angle (LDFA), medial proximal tibial angle (mPTA) in AP radiogram.and anterior femoral offset ratio, posterior condylar offset ratio, femoral component flexion, posterior tibial slope in lateral radiograms were evaluated with ideal values for specific parameter. Number of outliers were counted separately with values beyond 3 of malalignment. Results: The mean postoperative FTA, LDFA, mPTA recorded is 0.15 ±0.70, 89.78±0.79, 89.80±0.86 respectively. The mean postoperative posterior tibial slope, femoral flexion is 3.03±0.35, 3.14±0.60 respectively. All the parameters when compared with planned ideal values (i.e. mFTA= 0, mPTA=90, LDFA=90, Posterior tibial slope=3, femoral component flexion=3) did not show significant difference. Conclusion: Study shows promising results with near normal execution of planned TKA. Robotic assisted TKA can be a game changer and a handy tool to improve the alignment of mechanical axis in TKAs.  

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Total knee arthroplasty, Robotic assisted knee replacement, Precision, Limb alignment and balancing.

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