A study of psoas minor muscle morphology

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Original Article

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Deepthi Simhadri*, T Navakalyani, D Suseelamma

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Introduction: Psoas minor is long, slender skeletal muscle it lies anterior to psoas major. It is an inconstant muscle. It was absent in 40-70% of subjects. Aims & Objectives: To determine the frequency and morphometry of psoas minor muscle. Materials and Methods : 20 cadavers were dissected during routine dissection for undergraduate students at Ayaan institute of medical sciences, Moinabad, Hyderabad and Government medical college, Mahabubnagar. Result & Observation: Bilateral variations were observed in one specimen, unilateral variations were observed in two specimens. Conclusion: Out of forty specimens Psoas minor was present in three specimens. In one specimen bilateral variations observed, other two specimens unilateral. If it is present, clinical importance to radiologists, surgeons and physiotherapists as it can mimic certain abdominal emergencies.

Keyword :

Frequency, Muscle variation, Psoas minor, Vestigial muscle.
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