A study on pulmonary function tests in smokers and after cessation of smoking (Quitters)

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Shishir Dutt*, Taruna Gogia, Manisha Gupta

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Introduction: Smoking leads to development of cancers, cardiovascular, respiratory diseases including COPD. it poses a health challenge in reducing morbidity and mortality in developing countries like India. Spirometry in Smokers may show reduction in lung function parameters. Cessation of smoking leads to decrease in rate of decline in pulmonary functions to almost the same level of nonsmokers. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted in a tertiary healthcare level institute in Greater Noida on 100 smokers, 50 Quitters and 100 Nonsmokers total 250 healthy asymptomatic male subjects. Spirometry by RMS Helios spirometer 401 was Conducted according to American Thoracic society guidelines after enrolling the subject based on inclusion and exclusion criteria and collected data was analysed with epi info 7 software using appropriate statistical methods. Results: Smokers and Nonsmokers were not much different in mean age and other physical parameters. Pulmonary function parameters like FVC, and FEV1 were significantly less in Smokers as compared to Nonsmokers and after cessation of smoking. Lung function parameters in Quitters were not significantly different from Nonsmokers. Conclusion: All the lung function test parameters show a significant decline in asymptomatic Smokers as compared to Nonsmokers and Quitters. After cessation of smoking there was not any significant difference in lung functions between Quitters and Nonsmokers. Therefore, by conducting spirometry, especially in smokers, cases may be detected at early stage and by quitting smoking the decline in lung functions & subsequent morbidity may be lessened.

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Pulmonary Function tests, Smokers, Quitters, FVC, FEV1.
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