Effect of haemoglobin deficiency on cognitive functions in elderly of Bangalore city

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Jyothi Vybhavi*

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Context: Adequate nutrition is fundamental to healthy ageing. Among older adults with anaemia, approximately one-third have evidence of iron, folate, and/or vitamin B deficiency. Lower haemoglobin levels are common in older adults and frequently are measured in clinical practice. 1. To assess haemoglobin levels in elderly. 2. To assess cognitive functions in different levels of haemoglobin. Materials and Methods: This study involved 80 healthy elderly subjects with consideration of inclusion and exclusion criteria. Written informed consent was taken. For each subject, blood sample of 4ml was collected for Haemoglobin assessment. Anthropometric measurements were taken. 24-hour dietary recall, General history questionnaire and Spreen & Stauss Neuropsychology battery of tests were administered. Results: Results were compiled and statistically analyzed. The results show that Elderly with haemoglobin deficiency had statistically significant low scores in all parameters (P < 0> Conclusions: It can be concluded that haemoglobin levels were associated with worse global cognitive function and greater decline in psychomotor speed and executive function.

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Haemoglobin, Cognition, Memory, Elderly, Executive functions.
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