Prevalence of cervical abnormalities amongst HIV-positive women

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Amisha Gheewala, Suchita Patel, Ragini Verma

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Objective: To study the prevalence and variety of cervical squamous intra-epithelial lesions (SIL) by Pap smear screening as an indicator of suspected HPV infection among HIV-infected women in Surat, Gujarat, India. Materials and Methods: All consecutive asymptomatic HIV seropositive women 18 years and older and attending the Anti-Retroviral Therapy Centre at New Civil Hospital, Surat, India between October 2009 to September 2011 were eligible for inclusion in the study. Participants constituted 439 asymptomatic HIV seropositive women receiving care at the ART centre underwent detailed history taking, physical examination and Pap smear screening. Results: The incidence of SIL was 8.7% (38/439) in the participants. Further, statistical significance (p value > 0.05) was observed in parity more than two, lost their husband, duration of marriage more than 10 years and CD4 count greater than 250. Conclusion: An association between HIV infection with pre-invasive changes in the cervical epithelium is noted. Early detection and prompt treatment of these changes after a thorough understanding of the natural history of disease in these women would go a long way in improving the survival as well as the quality of life in this increasing seropositive younger population.

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