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Outcome of communited intra articular fractures of distal tibia treated with external fixator

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Prakash D Samant, Pankaj Singh, Pratik Dhabalia

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Background: The tibial intra-articular fracture refers to soft tissues envelope and often known as pillion fracture. The goal of treatment involves healed, well-aligned, functional range of motion of ankle joint. To offer the treatment the approach of fracture reduction has been successful in treating the complex fracture. Aim: The research paper aims to analyze the outcome of communited intraarticular fractures of distal tibia treated with an external fixator. Material and Methods: The current study is an observational study that is being conducted in Dr. D.Y. Patil Hospital, Navi Mumbai, from May 2020 to May 2021. For the study, the researcher has selected 30 people that involve 23 males and 7 females. The mean age of these participants was 53 years (range between 26-72 years). The patients were selected focusing on the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Results: The clinical result of study involves the mean score of 81.5 points that range between 58-100. The first requirement of arthrodesis of the ankle and this patient scored 9 points for reduction quality. The clinical results have identified that the patient was facing the issues related to A5 valgus deformity that also occurred with diabetes. The consideration of results focusing on the approach of external treatment was found good and applied for the other clinical studies of the patients. Conclusion: From the study, it has been carried out that that external fixator treatment for communited intraarticular fractures of the distal tibia is beneficial and having a positive impact on the process of offering the required support to the patients.

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 Distal tibial fracture, External fixation, Intra articular fractures

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