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Efficacy of tamsulosin and tamsulosin with corticosteroid for distal ureter stone

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Rajeev Doshi, Abhay Kumar

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Background: Urolithiasis (urinary stones) is an ailment affecting 12% of the world population. 70% of urolithiasis is located in the lower third of the ureter. Nowadays to increase the expulsion rate and reduce analgesic consumption, there is great deal of enthusiasm for adjuvant pharmacologic intervention when a conservative therapy. The aim of the study is to evaluate the efficacy of a 1-blocker (tamsulosin) therapy in the management of distal ureteral stones when administered as the only drug or in conjugation with Corticosteroid (deflazecort), when the watchful waiting therapy is considered. Material and Methods: A prospective study performed on 200 patients with distal ureteral stones. The patients enrolled in this study were assigned into three groups: Group A (patients received Tamsulosin and NSAID) Group B (patients received both Tamsulosin and Deflazacort and NSAID) Group C (control). Results: In our study, Majority of patients were in the age group of 21-30 (109 cases). The study showed that 100% (200 patients) complained of pain in abdomen. Mean size of stone in Group A was 6.12mm, mean size of stone in group B was 6.55mm and mean size of stone in group C was 5.88mm. In Group A 42 (64%) patients passed stone, Group B, 56 (88%) Patients passed stone, and in Group C, 25 (37%) patients passed stone. Conclusion: Use of Tamsulosin (alpha1-blocker) with Deflazecort (corticosteroid) proves to be more efficacious than Tamsulosin used alone. In addition, Tamsulosin used on its own as a medical expulsive therapy.

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 Tamsulosin, Corticosteroid, Ureter stone.

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