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Application of magnets in orthodontics –A review

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Review Article

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Lishoy Rodrigues, Bhushan Jawale, Shilpa Jamenis, Trupti Sadhunavar

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Magnets have been widely used in orthodontics, there have been concerns regarding their safety and possible harmful effects. Magnets are used in number of conditions like, Relocation of Unerupted teeth; Space closure with magnets; Molar intrusion and correction of anterior open bite; Molar distalization; Maxillary expansion; Functional appliances for correction of Class II malocclusion; Functional Appliances for Class III malocclusions; Treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, snoring; Extrusion of crown-root fractured teeth; Closure of mid-line diastema; Correction of hemifacial microsomia. At present the most promising clinical uses for these magnets are mainly confined to tooth movement for impacted teeth, and Class II and Class III malocclusions, as well as for treatment of open bite cases. In particular the long term effects of correction of open bite with magnetic appliances have to be evaluated.

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 Magnetic Appliances.

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