Evidential proof as questioned document examination report for criminal cases

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Reeta R Gupta

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Questioned Document examination is one of the very challenging fields in comparison with other branch of forensic science, and is well developed, scientifically valuable for the court of law. Document examination plays a very important role in solving civil and criminal cases related with fraud, forgery and counterfeit security documents. Forensic document examiner reveals the truth by obtaining the scientific information during forensic analysis of disputed documents related with any fraud and forgery. Over the past threefour decades, the various novel scientific methods have been developed, which have really helped the forensic document examiners in solving criminal cases however still it is not an easy task for any expert to solve high-tech criminal cases. The main objective of this manuscript is to focus on the important role Questioned Document Examination in solving criminal cases for more comprehensive understanding for evidential poof and significant role Questioned Document Expert of the in criminal justice system. The Forensic document expert provides the scientific proof of evidence as an expert opinion on criminal cases and scientific assistance by providing evidence as expert testimony in the court of law. On the basis of Questioned document examination report many of the cases solved and helped in taking judicious decision in criminal justice system.

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 Handwriting Examination, Forensic Document Examination etc.
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