Screening/Spot/Colour test of hallucinogens

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Original Article

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A K Jaiswal, Kamna Sharma, S Lukose, M Gupta

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Hallucinogens are diverse group of chemicals occurring naturally as well as synthetic. These drugs produce bizarre effects on the mind, such as distortion of time, space, sound, colour, and other sensations. It acts primarily on the central nervous system and interfere with the filtering mechanisms of the mind causing alterations in perceptions, thinking and moods. In India, Forensic Science Laboratories run by Government under the Home ministry usually carry out this. The samples must be analyzed by the forensic toxicologist/chemists/scientist. This article deals with the screening/spot test for hallucinogens. It attempts has been made for screening/spot/colour test of Hallucinogens in a stepwise manner, which can be of handy reference for the forensic toxicologist/scientist/chemist.

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 Hallucinogens, Screening, Spot test etc.
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