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Nanoemulgel- A revolutionary approach for local gel oriented formulation

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Review Article

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Vijay Verma

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In previous years, incredible efforts have been made for different techniques of drug discovery, a variety of drug molecules available today have contributed to the resolution of the numerous health care system challenges. Unfortunately because of their restricted clinical use, more than half of such drugs have either been classified in BSC (biopharmaceutical classification system) class II / IV, or both are excluded from the development process. A nanotechnological theory acknowledges great anticipation and it is observed that lipoid processing is appropriate for the development of these drugs. From numerous nanolipoidal formulations Nanoemulsion based gel i.e. Nanoemulgel, has been considered to be an appropriate strategy for effective drug delivery across topical route. Nanoemulgel exists in two systems in which nanoemulsion containing drug is integrated in a gel base. Lipophilic drugs can be instantly integrated, and because of the finely dispersed oil droplets in the gel form, the skin absorption co-efficient of the incorporated drugs can be increased in numerous stages. At the same time, it can be more precisely targeted to the site of action and can prevent first pass metabolism and alleviate the patient from gastric/ systemic  incompatibilities. The nanoemulgel drug delivery mechanism is a formulation-related technology designed to enhance drug absorption and lipophilic drug therapeutic profile. A significant growth in nanoemulgel has been noted in recent years owing to the high toleration of the formulation to the patients, due to their non-greasy, convenient spreadability, easy applicability, strong therapeutic and safety feature. Even after having few drawbacks, the formulation of nanoemulgel may in future be recognized as key and effective targets for the topical delivery of lipophilic drugs.

Keyword :

 Nanolipoidal delivery, Nanoemulgel, Lipophilic drug, Human skin, etc.

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