Epigenetics and pathogensis: A newflanged review

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Review Article

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Avineet Kaur, Harnoor Singh Sandhu, Kanwar Shabaz, Surinder Sachdeva, Raman Chopra, Shailja Chatterjee

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Genetics and epigenetics is the process of gene expression or suppression through polymorphism, demethylation, and deacetylation. Although Periodontal diseases are bacterial infections predominantly gram negative anaerobic bacteria that colonize the sub gingivaly in return triggering an inflammatory response which affect the periodontium; whereas periodontitis is a periodontal disease which destroys the tissue and bone that surrounds the tooth. In adults periodontitis is at helm of tooth loss. Pathogenic microrgansims are considered as the primary aetiological factor, but the disease progression is also influenced by Genotype and Phenotype of various individuals. Phenotypic factors such as race, diabetes, gender, education, smoking etc. have sweeping effects on the epigenetic changes and impel susceptibility to disease. Epigenetic modifications expression occur in response to environmental changes.

Keyword :

 Epigentics, Genotype, Periodontitis.
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