Frenectomy by millers technique: A case report

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Case Report

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Nishita Bhosale, Yogesh Khadtare, Pramod Waghmare, Amit Chaudhari, Priya Lele, Neelam Gavali

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The Aberrant labial frenum results in diastema and gingival recession thereby compromising the esthetic and functional needs of the patient. There are various procedure for the treatment of the aberrant frenum. The classical frenctomy technique by Archer is an extensive procedure which results in Unesthetic scaring of the tissue, loss of interdental papilla. To overcome these drawbacks, Miller introduced a newer technique where he combined the frencetomy technique with laterally displaced flap. The main advantage of this technique is that the healing takes place by primary intention with no scaring of the tissue. This article is a case report on frenectomy with laterally displaced flap (Millers technique).

Keyword :

 Aberrant frenum, Frenectomy, Millers technique, Laterally displaced flap.
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