Evaluation of oral health status of children with special health care needs in Lucknow district

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Abhmanyu Rohmetra, Niharika Gupta, Ankita Jaiswal, Ragni Tandon, Kamlesh Singh

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Objective: To assess the prevalence of dental caries, oral hygiene status, deft and oral hygiene habits in special health care needs in Lucknow district. Materials and Methods: An epidemiological study was conducted including 1041 children to assess the prevalence of dental caries, oral hygiene status, deft, enamel opacities and oral hygiene habits of which data was retrieved. Descriptive statistics that included mean, standard deviation and percentages were calculated for each of the categories. Data were analyzed using Chi- square test and ANOVA test. Results: Caries prevalence was higher in male handicapped children 24.45% (256) than females 21.49% (225) and the difference was statistically significant (P those who clean their teeth by themselves, with other’s help and under supervision have got prevalence dental caries 413(85.86%), 34(7.07%) and 34(7.07%) respectively. Dental caries prevalence of 54.22% was observed in children having good oral hygiene, 50% caries prevalence observed in children having fair oral hygiene, 57.85% prevalence among children having poor oral hygiene. The differences between oral hygiene status and caries prevalence was not significant, c2= 3.69, P>0.05. Conclusion: The dental profession should be aware of its responsibilities and be prepared to play its part in improving the dental health of handicapped children. Doctors, health visitors, teachers, caretakers and parents play a vital role in maintenance of good oral health of handicapped children. School dental health programs should be undertaken including school dental health education, school dental health services and school health environment.

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 World health organizaion, Caries index, Oral hygiene index, Debris index, Cerebral palsy, Oral health care.
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