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Correction of Class II malocclusion with mandibular deficiency via PowerScope appliance

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Case Report

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Fahad Wasey, Shoborose Tantray, Kaynat Rizvi

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One of Major challenges in managing mild to moderate malocclusion cases involves management of class II malocclusion with mandibular deficiencies during active growth period and are generally treated via myofunctional appliance. Dissent of myofunctional appliance led to the evolvement of fixed functional appliance. Power scope appliance is used as a latest class II corrector in day to day practice. This case report describes the efficacy of power scope appliance as a skeletal class II corrector in a male patient aged 14 years with mandibular deficiency who reported to the clinic with chief complaint of forwardly placed teeth.  Levelling and alignment were performed with ideal arch wire sequencing followed by instalment of Power Scope appliance also patient was monitored every month for further adjustment and reactivation of appliance. As a result, Significant changes were seen in mandibular advancement, incisor proclination as well as reduction in over bite and over jet. Anterior movement of soft tissue pogonion lead to notable improvement in facial profile.

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 Dental relationship, Different orthodontic and Orthopaedic.

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