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A cadaveric study on the morphology of psoas minor and psoas accessorius muscles

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Prasenjit Bose, Barkha Singh, Manisha B Sinha, Royana Singh

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Introduction: In the human body, one of the most variable muscle groups is the psoas muscle group. The psoas muscle group is composed of long fusiform muscles – major, minor and accessorius, and out of these the psoas major muscle is present in all individuals. Aim: Reporting the gross anatomic detail of the psoas minor and psoas accessories muscles is the main aim of our study. Materials and Methods: 25 formalin preserved and embalmed cadavers were available for our study. We took the different in-situ measurements with the help of a digital vernier caliper. Results: We found psoas minor muscle on the right side in 5 (20%) cadavers and on the left side in 4 (16%) cadavers. While in 3 cadavers (12%), psoas minor was present bilaterally. So out of 25 cadavers, psoas minor muscle was observed in 12 (48%). Psoas accessorius was present in just 1 cadaver (4%). Discussion: This psoas minor and psoas accessorius muscle has both evolutionary as well as clinical significance and importance. Conclusion: The morphology of this muscle is very important for anatomists, surgeons, kinesiologists and physiotherapists from its clinical point of view.

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 Iliopectineal eminence, Posterior abdominal wall, Psoas accessorius, Psoas major, Psoas minor and Pecten pubis.

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