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Effect of elastic bands as resistance for low back pain treatment in software engineers

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Mohammad Sheeba Kauser, Mahendra Yadav, Mohammad Bismil Jaffery, C M Shankar, Hymavati, Shikha Kedia, Kishore Dey

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Background: software’s experience a bad low back pain usually as a result of their lack of good ergonomic and high work request leading to stressed muscles and inclining to bad posture and decrease in quality of life, so to get rid of this we have designed the elastic band resistance exercises which is easy to even perform at work place and need no particular set up. Materials and Methods: Hundred software engineers of 25 to 45 age group were selected and made into group of 50 and 50 one with traditional treatment and other with elastic band usage, a comparative study was done for 14 weeks with an 45 minute treatment plan. Numeric pain rating scale and VA spine disability Index scales were intervened and measured. Results: Pvalue ( Conclusion: post treatment use of elastic resistance bands shown incredible effect on reduction of neck pain in software engineers.

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 Low back pain, Software engineers, Elastic bands.

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