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Snoring and dental treatment

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Review Article

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Shaik Ali Hassan, Sumit Bhateja, Geetika Arora, Francis Prathyusha

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Resting is a significant physiological function in everyday life. A decent giggle and a long rest are the best fixes in the specialist’s book. Rest issues of the upper aviation route result from any condition or sickness that causes its fractional or complete obstacle when a patient expects a recumbent position and rests. Rest issues, especially untreated obstructive rest apnoea (OSA) can be related to engine vehicle mishaps, helpless work execution in the workplace, or work environment, and makes an individual inclined to word related mishaps and diminished personal satisfaction. Exhaustive administration of upper aviation route rest issues requires an interdisciplinary methodology. In this article, we will use various approaches to snoring.

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 Snoring, Obstructive sleep apnea, Apnea, Lateral cephalogram, Endoscopy

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