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An analysis of the demography and histology of patients presenting with oral cavity malignancy

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Rohan Chandra Gatty, Dinesh Shet, Reshmina Chandni Clara D’souza

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Introduction : In the modern world one of the most dreaded disease is cancer. Among all the cancers that occur, cancer within the oral cavity ranks as the eleventh most common cancer globally In view of the changing trends in oral cancer we did a study to evaluate the practices followed for oral cancer in our study. Materials and Methods : The present study was a non-randomized prospective observational study that was done on patients who visited hospital and were diagnosed by histopathology as having oral cancer. The study was done at the department of general surgery and surgical oncology at the Father Muller Medical College. Kankanady in the state of Karnataka South India. The study was done. During the study period that extended from March 2014 to February 2020 the following observations were done on a total of 202 cases. Those who met a predefined criteria and gave a written informed consent were enrolled in the study. They were explained regarding their disease, the treatment options that are available and the alternative treatments if any. Once the patients was optimized, based on the decision of the tumour board appropriate therapy was given and the complications of each was noted down. Results : During the study period that extended from March 2014 to February 2020 the following observations were done on a total of 202 cases .In the present study between the age of 20 and 60 years we had 148 cases (73.26%), the most common decade involved was 41-50 years with 68 cases (33.66%). In the productive age group between the age of 21 years and 50 years we had 146 cases. The predominant population affected by oral cancer was male’s 164 cases (81.19%) On evaluation of the clinical presentation distribution in the study subjects all cases presented with ulcer. Lesions of the tongue were seen in 99.01% cases. In most cases wide excision and reconstruction was possible (54 cases) near glossectomy with MRND was done in 1patient hemi glossectomy with MRND was done in 16 patient partial glossectomy with MRND was done in 17 patient. All case were proved as Squamous cell carcinoma. The minimum follow up was for 13 months and at the last follow-up all cases were found to be tumour free . Conclusions: The mainstay of current. Exciting challenges include improving success rates of current therapy, reducing the morbidity of treatment, and to select the most appropriate treatment. 

Keyword :

 Demography, Risk factors, Oral cavity malignancy, Histology.

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