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How effective is intrawound vancomycin with multidiscipline approach for preventing surgical site infections (SSI) in arthroplasty and orthopedic surgeries: a study in non Covid 19 to Covid 19 era

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Vivek Amritbhai Patel, Vishal A Pushkarna

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Introduction: Surgical site Infections (SSI) of the musculoskeletal system leads to High morbidity, mortality and sometimes limb amputation. In 1999 US Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) gave guidelines for prevention and hoped for preventing emergence of antimicrobial resistance for surgeries. Orthopaedic surgeries and arthroplasty inferences from high turnover centers of developing countries with cost effectiveness are always awaited with development of new surgical skill and techniques, better instruments and better anti-infective approach. Objectives: To study the effectiveness of intrawound vancomycin Powder and Special Multidisciplinary approach to control SSI in musculoskeletol surgeries. Materials and Methods: We have analysed (n=210) patients operated for trauma, joint reconstruction and arthroplsty orthopedic surgeries during 12 months duration retrospectively. Mean age was 51 and all operated with multidiscipline approach. Patients were evaluated by ASEPSIS Score. Results: In our study SSI rate was 13.88% in open fractures surgery out of (n= 36) patients and 1.33% in closed procedures out of (n=150) patients and total rate of Surgical site infection was 3.33% in our study with 95% confidence Interval (95% CI). Conclusion: Intrawound vancomycin Powder with strict adherence and implementation of Multidiscipline approach is effective to control SSI which allows major step forward in Preventing SSI and reducing national morbidity.

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Arthroplsty, Orthopaedic, Vancomycin, Multidiscipline approach Introduction

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